Defective Title or Certificate of Title

Defective Title or Certificate of Title Application

This form is for Defective Title or Certificate of Title bond. These bonds are used to clear the title of a vehicle (car, truck, boat, trailer, jet ski, etc.).

Bond amounts are based on the VALUE of the vehicle (not what you paid, but the value). Depending upon the State, your state motor vehicle department may require 1.5 or 2 times the value. Bonds $25,000 and under are instantly issued. No credit check. If you require bond for over $25,000 you will need to input your Social Security Number in the Comments box. Estimated rates are $20 per $1k. For values $5,000 and under - $150 minimum. $20 per 1k.

Bond Information

Personal Information

Vehicle/Instrument Information

Terms and Conditions

1. You understand that making false or misleading statements may result in forfeiture or cancellation of bond quote or in the event a bond has been issued, it may cancel the bond. The premium quote you received is a conditional offer and is subject to change or may be rescinded based upon a multitude of considerations.

2. By submitting this form you authorize our agency and surety companies we represents to verify information provide on the form and obtain additional information including obtaining a credit report in many cases.

3. J. Bond Insurance Agency makes every effort to provide you with a bond in a timely manner. In addition, every effort is made to obtain the lowest price with the best coverage

4. The quote you receive is provided free of charge. If you accept the quote and order the bond, the bond premium and any commissions are considered fully earned.

5. By submitting this form you accept the above terms and conditions.