Surety Bond Applications

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L&P bonds are probably the largest and most common group of bonds. These bonds are typically required by a state, county, or local government for a specific occupation. Examples include: vehicle dealer bonds, private school bonds, traffic school bonds, mortgage broker bonds, L&P bonds for contractors, immigration consultant bonds, etc. These examples are just a few of the many hundreds of bonds in this group.

Some License & Permit bonds are freely written. This means that they are easily obtained by anyone. The surety company does not underwrite them and your credit is not checked. Examples include Process Server Bonds, Notary Bonds, some local contractor License & Permit Bonds, and many more. If you are unsure what License & Permit Application to complete just ask us and we will let you know.

This group of bonds includes Bid Bonds, Performance & Payment Bonds, Labor & Material Bonds, Maintenance Bonds, Service Contract Bonds, Site Improvements, Subdivision, etc. This group of bonds includes both contractor and non-contractor contracts. If you need bond for state or local licensing or compliance, use the License and Permit Application.

These bonds are for applicants appointed to handle the estates of individuals who have past away. They include Administrator, Executor, and Personal Representative Bonds.

These probate bonds are put in place to protect a minor or an incapacitated adult from the fraudulent acts of the appointed applicant. These bonds Include: Conservator, Guardian, Curator and Veteran Affair Bonds.

Court Bonds are required by the court in legal proceedings to protect and indemnify the plaintiff’s and/or defendant’s interests. A few examples include attachment or possession claims, replevin bonds, injunction, bonds TRO bonds, appeal bonds, lien release, and many more.

These bonds protect your customer’s money and property from dishonest acts of your company.  Examples of businesses who regularly get this bond are janitorial services, accountants/bookkeepers, contractors, real estate professionals, medical/home care, etc.

This bond is used to clear the title of any type of vehicle or floating home. They are required by your state’s DMV.

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Easy form for $15k CSLB Contractors License Bond.

Agent/Brokers Submissions
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